Single Travelers – It Is Time to Enjoy Your Self!

Now a day being single is no longer looked down upon, individuals remain single out of choice in order to enjoy life to the fullest on their own terms and conditions. One of the best ways to do so is travelling and exploring the world solo. Single holiday are perfect for any one, you could be a single father, or young man bored of every day’s dull routine or a retired man.The travelling industry has changed and it provides a wide range of options for the single traveller. With each passing day more and more companies are catering to the increasingly growing market of solo travellers. A solo traveller can go for adventure holiday, skiing, beach, cruising trips and lot more either all alone or in a group.But if you want cheap solo holidaying then you can take up a group holiday. In group holiday you travel with a group of other singles, a great way to make new friends or long lasting relationships and at the same time be on your own when ever you want. Such singleton holiday allow solo traveller to taste the best and enjoy life like never before without having to worry about the expenditure.Another choice for solo traveller is going on cruise. There are plenty of cruise liners with different packages at affordable rates for people going on solo vacation. Cruise ship offers plenty of activities to participate in both aboard and on shore. The solo traveller onboard can go for cocktail or card parties, dancing, wine tasting, or even learn cooking. While on shore you can choose from site seeing, shopping, go cycling; horse riding to give a few examples.Cruises are best for individuals for whom safety is main concern as there are plenty of other solo travellers and staff onboard so you are unlikely to get annoyed by unwanted people and at the same time feel secure amongst other co-single travellers. You need not be apprehensive about wandering late at night while enjoying the scenic beauty.Solo travellers also do not have face single supplement on cruises. Single supplement means paying for doubles even while travelling all alone. The solo traveller gets to share their cabins with other single travellers of the similar age and same sex there by avoiding single supplement.If you also want to benefit from solo holidaying you just need to log on to one of the many websites available on the internet. These travel agencies continuously create new and different travel packages to diverse destination of the world suiting everyone’s pocket and every thing will be taken care of in advance for you. So you can sit and relax.

Holiday Driving Tips – Avoiding Holiday Accidents

Holiday celebrations can be happy and exciting times for friends and family. Many people travel during the holiday season, looking forward to visiting with family and friends who live long distances away. Unfortunately, the holiday season has a high incidence of traffic accidents, turning a celebration into a tragedy if people are injured or killed. During the holiday season, all motorists should be aware of the increased traffic, and holiday travelers should follow proper safety precautions to ensure the safety of everyone on the road. Drivers should be mindful of these holiday travel tips to protect themselves, their passengers, and the occupants of other drivers.
Leave early. By allowing yourself plenty of time to reach your destination, you can drive at safer speeds, take adequate rest breaks, and keep your stress levels down. Without enough stops, drivers can become overly tired or distracted and cause an accident and a result.
Avoid peak travel dates if possible. The day before a holiday is usually the day most people travel. Sometimes you can avoid traffic conditions by traveling on the holiday itself or by planning your family celebrations on other days.
Before you leave, check the condition of your car, including your tire pressure, oil, and lights. Carry spare and emergency equipment with you. Always have a spare tire, jumper cables, a jack, and emergency equipment such as road flares and extra blankets in case of an accident.
Keep your passengers safe. Make sure everyone is buckled up properly with seat belts and child restraint or booster seats.
Plan out a route with alternatives. Get directions in advance, with alternative routes in mind in case of bad weather or traffic congestion. Expect traffic near large cities.
Inquire about weather conditions and construction on highways from friends and relatives. Listen to local radio stations for indications of adverse weather.
Hide any sort of gift or present during stops. Brightly colored packaging during the holidays invites thieves to break into your vehicle.
Keep distractions to a minimum. Provide children with plenty of their own distractions, and always pull off the road to use your cell phone.
Don’t drink and drive. Always have a designated driver if there will be drinking at your holiday celebration.
By following these safety precautions, you can make the holidays a little safer for everyone and avoid a tragic traffic accident. For more safe driving tips and information on car accident prevention, visit the website of Waukesha car accident lawyers Habush Habush & Rottier, S.C.

Travel Horror Stories – Six Tales That Will Make You Glad You’ve Got Travel Insurance

Tempted on skipping your travel insurance this year? Think again! With cheap holiday insurance widely available online and typically adding only a few pounds to the cost of your trip, there’s really no excuse not to buy it. If you’re still not sure, here are six stories that might help to change your mind – sometimes fate conspires against you in a particularly nasty way…Look Out Below!Here’s a story to make your skin crawl! A traveller in South Mexico had the misfortune to be the victim of a fly that lays its eggs in living flesh. The eggs hatched into four worms beneath the skin – three of them were removed easily by a doctor, but the last one was proving more problematic. The inventive doctor suggested leaving a piece of meat on the leg next to the wound – sure enough, six hours later the worm had been tempted half way out and could be removed entirely. Medical costs that are claimed on travel insurance usually aren’t as grisly as this!Scorpion Stowaway Despite the rigorous security at airports nowadays, occasionally something slips through. A penknife forgotten at the bottom of the bag, a tube of toothpaste that is over the regulation limits for liquids…or even a scorpion hiding in your backpack! On a flight from Miami to Toronto a tiny stowaway crawled out of someone’s backpack and stung another traveller. One can only hope that the unlucky traveller had holiday insurance to cover their medical bills and the likely delay to their flight!Legless at the AirportBritish Airways staff were left red faced after losing a New Zealand woman’s prosthetic leg…especially since she was travelling to compete in the world athletic championships for the disabled. That’s the kind of personal item that you really want your cheap holiday insurance to cover!House trained Police?Sometimes threats to a traveller’s health, wallet, and sanity can come from the most unexpected sources – two police dogs at an airport in Thailand were suspended from duty for making “sexual advances” on passengers and then urinating on their luggage. It may sound like just a funny story, but without cheap holiday insurance the passengers would have to shell out for the replacement clothes and luggage themselves – or put up with some decidedly bad smelling underwear for the rest of their trip…A Victim of Intrepid Pickpockets or Just the Laws of Physics?A nervous traveller in Barcelona was warned that muggers and pickpockets were rampant along Las Ramblas, so before venturing out she filled her underwear with $1500 in Travellers Cheques. Naturally, before the day was out they had all disappeared, whether it was into the hands of especially adventurous pickpockets or simply down the legs of her trousers will never be known.The $150,000 Tick BiteYou should never underestimate the cost of even the most minor holiday mishaps, as an unfortunate gap year traveller in America found out to his peril. Bitten by a moose tick, he then developed Lime’s Disease, a very dangerous condition that can lead to heart attacks and strokes. Several weeks in hospital meant that he missed his flight back home, but fortunately his travel insurance covered the cost of the medical bills and a replacement ticket – estimated to total over $150,000.